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Get Involved!

Seek out like-minded people in your community and take action! If you cannot find a local organization then start one! Second Revolution encourages citizens to get involved in their local area politics. Do not rely on your fellow citizens to elect leaders, get out there and volunteer for a campaign or run for office yourself!


The most important action we can take is to insure all eligible voters are registered. In order to grow our base we need to organize volunteers to canvas across the country and get as many eligible voters as we can to register. This also means we need to verify registered voters information is current.



If you do not get involved how do you expect change to happen? We all need to do our part to ensure the sanctity of our democracy! Attend political science classes! Read about the founding of our nation! Educate yourself on the issues! Whatever you do, do not wait for someone else’s political views to run your life. If you do not speak out, who will?

We are just getting formed, so the content on our website is a bit light. If you would like to know more about Second Revolution please feel free to contact us. We plan to organize as a nationally recognized non-profit group, although we have not yet determined the type of non-profit we wish to organize into. Contact us to stay informed. And return to the website frequently to receive updates.

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“Don’t Boo. Vote!”

– Barack Obama